Douglas® PolyPro™ Plus Premium -Open Mesh




Available in OMP (Open Mesh) or CMP (Closed Mesh), this 100% Polypropylene material is Douglas’s most popular windscreen fabric. Douglas’s superior fabrication and attention to detail is proven with their unique extra-strong reinforced hems –the strongest in the industry. Low-maintenance material offers classic good looks, and highly durable performance. Polypropylene material is heat-set so your screens will never shrink or change shape. Weather and UV protection is extruded into every fiber of the Polypropylene windscreen for maximum performance and long life.

Fabric – Open: 28 x 14 leno weave | Closed: 30 x 16 leno weave
Windbreak – Open: 75% | Closed: 86%
Weight per sq yard – Open: 5 oz | Closed: 6 oz
Tensile Strength – Open: 250 x 170 | Closed: 350 x 215
Colors: Dark Green or Black
Warranty: Year Limited Warranty

Windscreens are available in standard 6’ and 9’ heights and in custom heights by quotation. Any screen width is available; however, 60’ is the maximum recommended width per panel. Douglas’s heavy-duty 4-Ply hems are standard with Poly -Pro Plus Premium windscreen. 4-ply hems have heavy 18 oz vinyl wrapped over the perimeter edge and then double stitched. #2 brass grommets are spaced every 12” on sides and 18” on top and bottom. All 9’ screens include a Center Tab with grommets for anti-billowing installation. Center tabs are also double sewn with 18 oz black vinyl. Optionally, 9’ screens may substitute a Center Reinforcement Tape (CRT) with grommets that can be laced to the fence. CRT’s are double stitched with a heavy polyester webbing.


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