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My Backyard Sports


My Backyard Sports has painted thousands of basketball lines.  We've painted them in countless colors and layouts.  Regardless of your driveway's layout, we can help you.

My Backyard Sports  services the New York, New Jersey, Tri State Area as well as the Austin and Houston, TX areas.

We paint High School regulation lines (NBA is additional). We can paint solid lines in various colors based on availability. 

Tie your court together with a custom net and pole pad.

Who is this for:

  • Families looking to encourage their kids to play outside more by having a cool court.
  • Dedicated players looking to improve their skills at home on regulation lines.
  • Homeowners looking a cool court on their driveway.

Key Points:

  • We customize basketball court lines in any color
  • Regulation: High School (NBA line is additional)
  • New York, New Jersey, Tri State Area, Houston Texas & Austin Texas

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