Champion Sports



Great for schools, parks and backyards, our Champion Sports 42"W x 72"H Multi-Sport Pitch Back Screen is a versatile training tool for a variety of sports. The practice screen rotates to different angles to help athletes practice catching, throwing and during reaction drills, all with the same piece of equipment. The multi-sport pitch back screen is made with a tough steel frame and durable nylon netting that can endure even the most intense hits with ease, and it has a square target in the middle to help improve accuracy.

  • Large heavy-duty 42"W x 72"H net rotates to different angles to assist with drills for a wide variety of sports
  • 1.25" Diameter powder-coated steel frame provides impressive durability
  • Rotates to different angles for ground balls, line drives and pop flies
  • Also can be used for soccer balls or basketballs
  • Quick and easy assembly and adjustment for more time playing
  • Tough blue nylon netting stands up to hard shots with baseballs, soccer balls and even basketballs