Outdoor Volleyball Uprights - Competition (3-1/2") (Round Pole)




Durable system designed for outdoor competition. Fixed net heights for men's and women's play!

  • 3-1/2" galvanized steel uprights with silver powder coat finish
  • Quickly attach net (PVBN-3) with snap buckles
  • 36" ground sleeves, cover caps, and rust-resistant ratchet included

Sold as 1 Pair

  • Net (PVBN-3) sold separately.
3 – Year Limited Warranty - Uprights
1 – Year Limited Warranty - Net
The OCV-900 outdoor volleyball sleeve system is designed for use on multiple playing surfaces from grass, clay, gravel and asphalt to sand. Sand depth may vary up to 12” deep. Footing dimensions for sand will vary based on sand depth. System shall consist of one winch upright and one anchor upright and shall be supplied with a tensioning winch and strap. Uprights are intended to fit snugly into 3.570” I.D. rigid aluminum x 40” deep ground sleeves. (Model No. OCV-900G) Uprights shall provide men’s and women’s net height settings by means of twin welded roller tabs on the winch upright and twin welded “D”-rings on the anchor end. Uprights shall be constructed of 3 1/2” O.D. x .165” wall galvanized steel tubing. Tensioning system shall consist of a ratchet-type winch and include an attached 2” high strength nylon web tensioning strap. All hardware shall be zinc-plated.
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