Edwards Rol Dri



Are you tired of going to the tennis court ready to play a match only to find puddles on the court?  If so, you need the RolDri Master Sponge Roller.  The master sponge roller is a superior water removal product.  The 36" wide roller is best used for pushing water off the tennis court or playing surface. 

Do you have another surface that need a water removal tool?  The master sponge roller works well on other applications such as golf courses, playing fields or walkways.


  • Roller is constructed of tough, durable PVA foam 
  • Anodized lightweight aluminum handle with a stainless steel, black powder coated T-socket that won't rust
  • The handle and frame are reinforced so there is no wobbling
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Includes a hook to attach the unit to the fence 
  • If possible, for increased longevity of the roller, store the Rol-Dri master sponge roller out of the sun

Width:57.00 (in)

Height:6.00 (in)

Depth:5.00 (in)