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Vermont Tournament Aluminum Freestanding Tennis Posts. 100% portable, the retractable wheels allow for easy 360° movement. Features a modular design for simple conversion between singles (33ft) & doubles (42ft). 2.5mm Vermont Singles Tennis Net (33ft) included.



These Vermont Tournament Freestanding Tennis Posts are the number one choice for facilities where permanent tennis posts aren’t always suitable. Expertly created, these freestanding posts are completely unique to anything else on the market. The impressive construction features a modular design, which allows for a simple conversion between regulation singles width (33ft) and regulation doubles (42ft), allowing players to mix up the action in no time at all. Supremely lightweight & 100% portable, these tennis posts offer a tournament-level performance at exceptional value, which is why they’re the perfect fit for schools, tennis clubs and tournaments.

  • Vermont Tournament Freestanding Tennis Posts – Lightweight, Portable & Durable
  • ITF Regulation Tennis Posts are available in traditional green or black
  • Modular design allows for easy conversion between singles (33ft) & doubles (42ft)
  • Engineered using 80mm box section aluminum for supreme strength & longevity
  • Posts feature 4 retractable castor wheels which allows for easy 360° movement
  • Non-scratch rubber feet allow posts to be used on any playing surface without marking
  • Optional Tennis Nets Available (singles/doubles): 2.5mm (33ft/42ft) & 3.5mm (42ft)
  • Tennis Net lacing bar, center strap, brass winder & fixing point also included
  • For excellent stability, we recommend adding the internal weights to your package

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these freestanding tennis posts have been engineered using 80mm box section aluminum, giving them world-class durability. Despite the posts’ exceptional resistance to weathering and regular use, their innovatively designed construction ensures simple portability remains a top priority. The base features 4 retractable castor wheels, which allows for easy-transportation across any tennis court surface, whilst the non-scratch rubber feet help keep your tennis courts mark-free. The impressive 4-wheel design also gives the tennis posts complete 360° movement, making your tennis courts even more accessible.

As well as professional-quality freestanding tennis posts, we’ve also provided a choice of tournament-grade tennis nets to go with them. All three styles of Vermont’s Tennis Nets have been UV treated for exceptional weather-resistance and feature an optic white, quad-stitched headband for greater strength and longevity. The 2.5mm version (available in two lengths 33ft & 42ft), is crafted using twisted HDPE net twine whereas the 3.5mm (42ft) features a heavy-duty braided HDPE net twine for a professional performance. Whichever tennis net you select, you’ll also receive a center strap, fixing point, lacing bar and brass winder, ensuring you’ll always be able to create the ultimate tennis court set-up.

PLEASE NOTE: For elite tournaments and when used with the Vermont 3.5mm Doubles Tennis Net, we recommend using the internal weights to ensure maximum stability during play.




  • Posts are 80mm diameter
  • Optional Widths (easy conversion): 33ft | 10m (Singles) or 42ft | 12.8m (Doubles)


  • Aluminum construction means posts are lightweight & exceptionally portable
  • Modular Design: Allows posts to simply convert between 33ft (singles) & 42ft (doubles)
  • 4x Retractable Caster Wheels allow for complete 360° movement
  • Freestanding Tennis Posts can be used indoors & outdoors on any tennis court surface
  • Anti-scratch rubber feet ensure your tennis courts remain in pristine condition
  • Posts come with lacing bars, brass winder mechanism & center strap fitting included


  • Available in a choice of colors: Traditional Green or Black
  • Choice of professional Vermont Tennis Nets available: 2.5mm(singles or doubles) or 3.5mm (doubles)
  • Optional Internal Weights: recommended for competitive tournament use & with 3.5mm 42ft tennis net
  • Supremely durable freestanding tennis posts are 100% weatherproof
  • An excellent choice for tennis clubs, schools, academies and tournaments