Winterizing Package: Late October - November

My Backyard Sports



Package includes

Lowering or removing tennis/ pickleball nets and storing them inside.

Cleaning leaves and debris from the court – Remove leaves, branches, dirt and other debris from your courts. Failing to do so may result in stains, mildew and moss that could hinder the aesthetic and structural quality of your court.

Removing stains before winter – The fall is the perfect time to address any stains on the tennis court using a cleaning solution to gently buff away the stains.  

Removing and storing windscreens or basketball netting  – If you have a fence with windscreens on it or any backnets or airball grabbers now is the time to remove them. Fold the screens and store them in a dry, safe area. They’re unnecessary since you won’t be playing during the winter months and this will protect them from wear and tear.