The Little League baseball division is the kid’s version of baseball that has sixteen regions and the champions are placed into two sessions (U.S. and International). The Little League baseball is not just a simple game that is played by young players and has a couple of rules that are different from official baseball. Teach young players the best way to play mentally and physically, and they’ll get it done. Make the game fun, and they will be active. Give them something to motivate them besides food or ice cream, and they will go to practice on their own. Anyone that is coaching a Little League team has to be aware of differences in the league in order to coach younger players the right way.


Differences in Field Layout.

  • Little League baseball field is smaller in size compared to the regular field size. So instead of the standard 90 feet, it only has 60 feet between bases.
  • The pitcher only gives 46-feet space from the batter’s box, instead of the standard 60 1/2 feet for regular baseball.


Game Rules

  • All players are required to play only 2 innings and can bat only once.
  • Players who leave the game are allowed to return, if their substitutes are allowed to play 2 innings and one at-bat.
  • Little League baseball only lasts for 6 innings instead of the standard of 9. The team who gets a 10-run lead is declared the winner.
  • Even if the catcher drops the ball after the 3rd strike (in non-Major divisions), the hitter is already out of the game. •All 9 players can bat in Little League baseball as there are no designated hitters.
  • All runners must stay on base till the ball reaches the batter when it is pitched.
  • Players are only allowed to throw a limited numbers of pitches during a game which is based on their age. For instance, an 11-year-old is allowed to throw 85 pitches while an 8-year-old is limited to just 50. The pitchers also get rest which is given based on the number of throws.
  • A manager has the right to visit the pitcher twice on the mound during an inning. The normal regulation only allows for one visit for any manager.
  • If a game is called off due to rain, it will be officially counted as a complete game if 4 innings have been recorded in the game. If the home team is leading, only 3 1/2 innings are needed.
  • Double-headers are only scheduled once every week at most unless a suspended game needs to be replayed.
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