With home sports facilities becoming more common in the US every year, the technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of a paved home basketball court with two plywood backboards, as advanced cushioned courts and shot-tracking apps have taken their place.

Whether you treat backyard sports as a fun family activity or are looking to raise the next Lebron, the advanced options of today provide something for everybody! If you are looking to install a backyard basketball court, you will want to check out the following to see how you can make your home basketball court top class.


Soft Court Technology to Reduce Body Stress

Anybody who has played long hours on concrete or even hardwood floors know that it takes a huge toll on your ankles, knees and hips. Lower body injuries are the most common in all levels of basketball, as constant stress on these joints eventually brings on more serious injuries. Luckily, there are now flexible court surfaces for both indoor and outdoor that ease the stress from those long practice sessions and games. Choosing a softer surface can prevent “Jumper’s Knee” or patellas tendinitis, allowing you to strengthen your game and body over time.

Softer courts also provide better traction for players than slippery hardwood, which improves player movement and avoid ankle sprains. By offering “give” in the floor surface, players are able to make quick cuts to the hoop without worrying about falling down.

One new development of softer courts over their predecessors is a true basketball bounce. Previous attempts at soft courts did not accurately provide the same bounce of the ball as a professional court, as the floor absorbed the ball too much. However, the new generation of flexible floors not only offer the perfect bounce, they also avoid the problem of “dead spots” that aging hardwood floors encounter!


The Benefit of an Adjustable Hoop 

Although adjustable hoops have been around for years, there were issues with older models mistakenly adjusting when a player would touch the rim. This was not only annoying, but also dangerous as players could be hit by the falling backboard.

The adjustable home basketball hoops of today are far more advanced, safe and sturdy, making them the obvious choice over static hoops. The adjustable hoops offer the versatility to easily change the height for players of different ages, so that younger players can learn shooting form properly on net that suits their power. With just one push, you can turn a standard 10 foot net into 7 feet, perfect for your toddlers to begin playing!

Adjusting your home basketball net is not only beneficial for children, but also for youths as well. Being able to train things such as layups and slam dunks for youths that will one day be able to jam on a regulation net will give them the feel around the rim at an earlier age.


Why You Need a Tempered Glass, Full-Sized Backboard 

Anybody over 30 will remember the half-moon, plywood backboards that they grew up on. While these were good enough to play with on your backyard basketball court, they really didn’t provide you with an authentic feel for the game. In the past 15 years, acrylic backboards became the standard for home courts, yet they simply do not stack up against the feel of a full sized, professional grade tempered glass backboard.

Acrylic may look good out of the box with its clear design, the flimsy plastic is not suited for the outdoor elements. That means it will quickly turn a yellow-ish tone, plus it is not scratch-resistant, so in a few months it will have cuts and scuffs all over it. The worst part is that it is not sturdy enough to act as a true backboard, so as the backboard absorbs the ball the rebounds will come off dull and short.

Tempered glass backboards are much better in every department. The durability of the glass means that it can last years in even the toughest outdoor conditions, while the scratch resistant coating keeps it looking great. However, the most important benefit is the solid build of the backboard. With a professional-grade piece of glass behind the rim, the rebounds that come off the backboard are the same as the ones you will find in a competitive match. This allows players to learn proper positioning and rebounding from a young age.


Wilson X Is Tracking Your Game!

Many sports have seen mobile apps incorporated for monitoring performance and now basketball has joined the club. Legendary basketball maker Wilson has developed a smart ball with accompanying smartphone application, which tells you everything you need to know about your game.

Loaded with everything you need to track and upgrade your basketball experience, Wilson X is a powerful piece of technology that can help everybody from recreational players to serious ballers. It has the ability to track your field goal percentage, show you your hot-spots on the court, times your playing sessions and much more! It even gives you real game-like audio including crowd noise, buzzers and everything else to create an NBA-like atmosphere on your home basketball court.

For anybody looking to improve their game, Wilson X is an innovative and affordable system that will help you keep track of your basketball statistics.


What Will You Choose For Your Backyard Basketball Court?

 At My Backyard Sports, we are the experts in providing incredible home sports facilities to clients across the US. We offer a wide variety of top quality, soft basketball surfaces to fit any space, small or large. Our selection of professional style treated glass backboards are a great addition to ensure the safety and development of any players looking for an authentic basketball experience.

We love speaking about building home basketball courts (and other sports fields), so give us a call today to see how our expert engineers can design you a custom, affordable backyard basketball court today!

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