When you decide to build your own custom backyard basketball court, there are many decisions that need to be made. The size, the court surface, the design and many other factors go into creating the dream court right outside your door.

One factor that shouldn’t be up for discussion, however, is the type of backboard that you are going to install. While most people that play recreationally on their driveway opt for an inexpensive acrylic hoop, if you truly want an authentic basketball experience you need its tempered glass counterpart.

Although tempered glass may require a larger initial investment due to its higher cost, the quality of both its build and playability make it the only choice for real basketball players. As you will see below, if you are going to take the step to build an amazing basketball court for you and your family, you need to opt for the tempered glass backboard.


The Truth is in the Bounce

The biggest issue with acrylic backboards are that they are not well-built, thus they do not offer the strength and backboard support of a pro hoop. While this may seem like a minor detail to the recreational player simply shooting hoops for fun, if you want a true basketball experience, you won’t find it with the flimsy acrylic offerings.

Because they are not sturdy, the backboard and rim give way too much, meaning that shots and rebounds are much different than when playing on an official basket. Bank shots and layups are much more likely to go in, as the backboard gives way to the ball and softens the bounce. This means that when you attempt a bank shot on an official basketball net, your touch will be much too strong and the ball will bounce powerfully off the backboard. While in your driveway this may not seem like a big deal, but when your child goes to play anywhere else and comes home with a disappointed look on their face, it starts to take on greater importance and meaning.

The next problem is rebounding and player positioning. Since the backboard softens the ball’s bounce, rebounds always come off much shorter than they would on a real basketball court. This negatively impacts anybody that is practicing their spacing and rebounding skills, as they will not be used to the high, strong bounces that come off of an official glass backboard.

By installing a tempered glass backboard, you will feel the difference from any driveway basketball court you have ever played on. The support from the professional hoop means that you can practice your rebounding, spacing and shooting with the exact same bounce that occurs in a professional basketball game. Never have a simple layup fly off the backboard again, as you practice your game on an official, tempered glass backboard.

Long-lasting, Professional Grade Durability

For anybody serious enough about basketball to build a custom backyard court, an acrylic backboard simply won’t be able to withstand your game for more than one season. While tempered glass backboards are solidly constructed using high quality materials that can withstand both constant play and the elements, acrylic hoops are poorly made and do not offer proper weather protection.

Just a walk through your neighborhood will quickly let you see the stains, scratches and overall wear that acrylic basketball backboards accumulate in a short time. Made from average-grade acrylic that does not include a scratch-resistant coating or any outdoor weather protection, they quickly become damaged from regular use. This affects the bounce, lessens the visual appeal of a custom court and simply means that you will need to replace the net every year. Also, you can forget about properly dunking on an acrylic backboard, as it has nowhere near enough support and can be dangerous if slammed upon hard.

Tempered glass backboards, on the other hand, are built to last even the most rigorous use. That is why every professional, amateur and practice court uses them, as they can take the abuse of everyday play. Coming with scratch resistant coating and a weather-repellant waterproof finish, the backboards maintain their composition and structural integrity, no matter how much you play! The durable net support and high quality construction of the entire unit means that even if you throw down some vicious dunks, your backboard will be perfectly fine.

Invest in Quality to Save Money Long-Term

Although acrylic backboards are less expensive to purchase and install, their lack of durability means that you will have to pay to maintain or replace them quite often. If you are playing basketball regularly, the wear and team that builds up on these cheaply-constructed backboards will eventually mean that they are unplayable and you will need to order another one.

On the other side, the tempered glass backboards do include a higher price tag, but the professional quality build and high-grade materials mean that you won’t need to be spending any additional money anytime soon. A better overall investment, the glass backboards not only offer long-lasting playability, but the quality of the games you will play with them is much better.

By investing in a professional hoop from the get-go, you will make every game or training session much closer to an official pro-basketball experience.

Professional Hoops for Industry Professionals

When you decide to create a tailor-made, authentic home basketball court and need help deciding on the best backboard, contacting a professional court builder is the best option. With experience in everything from the court design to selecting the perfect hoop to be installed, working with professionals will not only save you time and money, but ensure that your court is up to professional standards.

Contact Us today to speak to our experienced team of sports facility engineers for expert advice on finding a well made, professional grade tempered glass backboard for your home court.

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