It’s surprising that at an early age many children think of watching television and play video games when it comes to playing. More surprising is the fact that parents don’t direct them in the right steps to take. Our children should long to go outside to play a sport or do anything when bored. Playing outside gives children (and adult alike) many tremendous advantages no matter the weather or season, some of which this article will shine the spotlight on.

1 – Playing Outside Improves Creativity

When children play outside, they enjoy free reign over their immediate environment. They can play to create anything they want, giving a boost to their level of creativity. Creativity is more than the game and plays they engage in. It has more to do with how they kick or throw the ball, what they do with a soccer ball, or how they come up with a solution when their team is under duress. While being outside is a great platform for creativity, it can also be a great outlet for imagination. Many sports games and courts for kids are available to ignite the imagination of your child.

2 – Moderate sun is good

Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D for our children. Vitamin D helps their body absorb calcium better which aid their bones to grow healthy. Besides, spending enough time outside is essential to their sleep patterns – a vital fact that cannot be said enough. It also improves your overall mood. Remember it’s important that you protect your children when they play outdoors against UVA and UVB rays by using at least SPF 30 sun block.

3 – It Improves Immunity

Did you know that playing outdoor sports enhances children’s immune systems? Just like the body system learns intellectual activities, it learns to prevent many auto-immune diseases when children play outdoors. So, next time you see him getting dirty while playing hockey or football, or her diving on a soccer field or beach volleyball court, don’t stop them. They’re only helping their body’s self-defense mechanism.

4 – It Reduces Obesity

According to research, children who play outdoors have a lower risk of obesity in their childhood and that translates into adulthood! It is simply true since they are more active and undergo a higher level of physical activity. How many times have you seen a child who sits perfectly still outside?

5 – Making Friends

Children can play video games alone indoors, but it’s more rewarding when they play games with others outside. They learn the art of teamwork, a vital skill for their future place in the working world. They learn to interact and make decisions collectively as a group – a large part of what builds them to be social beings.

There you have five reasons your child should play sports outside. Consider that a child who plays sports outdoors get to see friends engaged in activity. That alone could be the inspiration they need to discover their true hidden potential.

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